Hey everybody, there is a new site for those of you that don’t know.  Its pretty sweet and it has pictures on there for sure 🙂  That one Ill be updating from now on.

Have an awesome day!!




First Pictures

I have officially spent my first weekend here in Florence.  The city is beautiful and full of old world charm.  After about 23 hours of traveling we were able to get settled in our apartment.  We (4 girls) live on the 6th floor not to far away from the Duomo (however that entails 14 flights of stairs).

Us girls have already found the markets and have done some of our shopping.  It’s definitely been a good time so far and we have walked absolutely everywhere.

The weather hasn’t been too bad (warmer than home for sure) but we came in at the end of a cold week; so were expecting it to get warmer next week. 

Other than that Whit and I are finding our way through the city with a bus map and walking shoes.  Monday was our first day of classes which went over well (first day is long and boring).  The language and culture class has been very helpful so far, and I’m excited to learn so much more.

Hope all is well back home!  


I have arrived!

Hey everyone, I’m here!! I dont have the pictures or anything yet, but I’ll be updating this tomorrow. Everything has been good so far and there is much more to come.Talk to you soon!



Hey everybody! This site is for everyone who is interested in my travels while I’m off in Italy. I’ll be posting pictures of the trip with some narrations. If you have any questions for me feel free to post a comment. I don’t have full time Internet access so please bare with me. 🙂

Anyway, I hope that everyone’s doing well and you’ll get pictures soon enough!